SAVE THE DATE – Spetsathlon 2022

Spetsathlon was established in 2013. Nowadays, after 5 consecutive years of success and records, it is the most popular multi-sport event in Greece and has gained world-class athletes’ preference.
Spetsathlon is organized by Communication Lab, organizer of the Spetses mini Marathon event and winner of the Gold Tourism Αward in the category “Strategy & Innovation” for the Lengthening of the Tourist Season of Spetses.”

The Spetsathlon is a great event on the island and brings many visitors, participants and sports lovers.

During the Spetsathlon weekend, our guests, whether they participate to the races or not, can enjoy a complimentary CHIN MUDRA Yoga Mat in their rooms! Every sports event on the island is an opportunity for Yayaki to raise awareness about wellness, the power of homemade plant-based food to recover from the efforts, and the importance of a good night sleep to have all the necessary energy thanks to our unique COCOMAT mattresses…

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