Meet the Yayaki Team – Joanna

Hi Jo, please introduce yourself in a few words and tell us more about life in Spetses ?

Hi, I’m Joanna. I come from a Greek/English background and I’ve lived for the majority of my life on Spetses. I started working at Yayaki as soon as it opened and will be there until the end of the season.

I find that my personality has taken various characteristics from both sides, a bit of Greek wit and a bit of English properness! Life on Spetses, as in many small communities, is slightly more relaxed and slow paced. The freedom and the accessibility the island gives you is a plus in order to live life in a more carefree way. The island has two faces. Come winter, the island’s mood switches to a sleepy one, with little tourism, lazy tempo but an ideal time to really explore it. From Easter on, the vibe picks up and come July/August the island is buzzing.



How would you describe Spetses to someone who has never been here before? 


Spetses is the ideal holiday spot for everyone. Whether it’s a couple, a family, a group of friends or even a solo traveller, I can assure you that the island accommodates all. The island combines its cosmopolitan persona with the tranquility and the sense of freedom when you finally set foot on it, but still maintains its traditional uniqueness.


Any tips, recommended beaches and favourite places you want to share with our readers and guests? 


An experience I would recommend is hiking up to Panayia Elona. Ideally do this in the early morning or evening to avoid the heat. Take a picnic (and lots of water!) and enjoy the hike and the view over to the Peloponnese. You could also rent a traditional kaiki and cruise round the island with friends and a picnic. Or why not visit Greg’s horseriding center and book a trek up into the hills of Spetses where you can truly admire all the views and become familiar with parts of the island that you may otherwise not explore. 


What is the most magical experience in Spetses that you could recommend to Yayaki guests?


As most Spetsiots, I would recommend Zogeriá beach. Whether you go via land or sea, the beautiful scenery surrounding Zogeriá is captivating! You’ll be amazed by the crystal clear waters, enchanted by the traditional vibe as you walk round to the chapel of Ayios Yorgis and blissfully content after you’ve tasted the delicious Greek cuisine at the taverna. 


What is your secret recipe to make Yayaki guests happy? 


My secret recipe to making our guests happy is being there for them in a discreet manner. We respect your need to relax and switch off without bothering you too often but we will always be there for you when you need us!


Richard Parignan
Richard Parignan
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"Pas assez de mots pour décrire cet hôtel entièrement rénové où nous avons séjourné 3 nuits inoubliables. Karl et Hannah sont aux petits soins pour nous faire passer un séjour hors du temps. A cela s'ajoute beauté de l'île qui nous donne un sentiment de pure liberté. La combinaison des deux est un vrai délice. Le séjour dans cet hôtel fut un vrai bonheur où l'on s'y sent bien et l'on a envie de revenir."
Pierre Emmanuel Martin
Pierre Emmanuel Martin
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"Sur cette merveilleuse île au charme traditionnel, se trouve ce petit paradis. Dans un cadre enchanteur, rénové récemment avec goût et attention, Hannah et Karl vous accueillent comme si vous faisiez partie de leur famille. Ils font tout …"
Emmanuel Julien
Emmanuel Julien
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One of the best boutique hotel I've ever been! The perfect mix of top service and peaceful environment. Hannah and Karl are managing this place with a lot of care and attention, arranging all logistics. Just make it to the island and the rest is taken care of, so you can just enjoy the beauty of the place! The location is perfect - very close from the beach, and surrounded by great restaurants too. Rooms are just amazing, with attention to details - everything has been thought of! Hope to come back soon!

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