Behind the Scenes – Meet Bruno and Sandrine, the talents behind the Yayaki brand identity

We have known Bruno for many years, and it was obvious we could trust him and his partner Sandrine, their experience and expertise  in order to create the unique identity, atmosphere that we envisioned for our first hotel ever, in Spetses island. They visited us last year, in September. Lucky us, it was their first trip to Greece, ever!

It was very important for us that they could see and experience the unique vibe of the island before starting working on the identity of the hotel. So, for a few days, we walked in all the little streets of Spetses, ate traditional Greek food, brainstormed and discussed, to find all the inspiration we needed.

Here is a little sneak peek into the process of creating a brand with an artist, and how all our minds came together to create Yayaki.

Enjoy the interview!

1.What inspired you for the graphic design of Yayaki Spetses?

While chatting with Hannah and Karl, walking around the island, we tried to imagine the character Yayaki. Drawing aer drawing, appeared the gure of an elegant, sophisticated and gentle woman. Oddly enough, she had kept something of a classical sculpture om Eternal Greece. The mixture of a beautiful person and a great heritage.

2. What are the steps to create an attractive and ancient brand ?

The first step is to translate the ideas into pictures. It is a work of experimentation and pictorial research: collecting images, doodling, painting, cutting, looking for a style, a tone, a visual spirit, a palette of colors. then, with this material, start shaping a brand in accordance with its history, values and goals. Not just a logo, but a whole visual universe able to make Yayaki discovered, recognized and loved.

3. For you, what is the most important for a brand design ?

That is: be honest, judicious and above all specic.

If you are looking for a serious, efficient designer who will make your business, brand or product stand out from the crowd by creating unique designs, we can only recommend Bruno and Sandrine ! 

Hannah & Karl

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